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My server isn't starting!!!

There can be multiple reasons why your server wont start

To find the problem go to "File Manager" to check server logs in /logs/latest.txt or /crash-reports/ and try to understand what the problem is

Commen Problems:

  • If you changed spigot.yml a commen problem is you modifyed messages part to be invalid configuration often because you used colors, You need to have ' on each side when you use colors '&6example'
  • Being kicked for: "Exception Connecting:ReadTimeoutException: null" is most likey caused by server is not finish to startup try to rejoin in a few sec, Can be caused if server is slow to startup like to many plugins
  • If you have downgraded your server from 1.14 to a older version, this will happen because your server is not able to load your 1.14 world and plugins, to solve this its better to fully recreate your server then use /create {name} {version}

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