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How to use LuckPerms.

How to use LuckPerms

A tutorial by Supercrafter100


In this tutorial I am going to talk about how to setup luckperms, how to use it and what the benefits are. 


What is LuckPerms?

LuckPerms is a permissions plugin for Minecraft servers (Bukkit/Spigot, BungeeCord & more). It allows server admins to control what features players can use by creating groups and assigning permissions. ~


So what does this tell us? Well. Luckperms is a way to set up permissions for your server. It also makes it so you can have multiple ranks with multiple permissions. Like owner, admin, builder etc. 


What makes luckperms better from other plugins is that it has a ton of features. You can assign worlds so a permission only works in a specific world and if you get the hang of the commands you clearly see why it’s better than for example groupmanager. 

A quick thing I want to mention

Luckperms has a neat little feature that can transfer every group and permission from groupmanager to luckperms. So if you want to change from groupmanager to luckperms I suggest following this tutorial. I will be going over this tutorial in the last section of this document.

So how do you install it on your playerserver?

Installing it on your server is really simple and I will explain it using clear images and helpful instructions.


Go to and log into the dashboard with your minecraft account. If you do not have an account on there, go to for more info on how to register. 


Once you are logged into the website, go to This is the main control panel for your playerserver.

It will look something like this (see image below)



You may notice that im using 1.12 as my server version but yours can be totally different. The easy thing about luckperms is that everything is almost 99% the same and the commands don't change across server versions. (text continues next page)


Once you are on your dashboard, go to the plugins category. In there you will find a search bar where you can input luckperms as the search argument. It will show up like this (see image below)



Click the blue button that says install next to the plugin to install it. It will turn red saying “remove” which indicates it’s added. After this, restart your server. 


Luckperms is now successfully installed on your server


Creating ranks with luckperms

So you have luckperms installed amazing! Let’s start with creating some ranks. But first I want to explain some stuff.


Luckperms has 2 ways of editing everything. It has an online editor and just regular ingame commands. In this tutorial I am going to cover the commands thoroughly since the online editor speaks for itself. Although I will cover it later in this tutorial. 


Luckperms their ranks are not called ranks, they are called groups. You can create and delete them with pretty easy to remember commands


  • /lp creategroup <name>

  • /lp deletegroup <name>


By default new players get assigned the default group. It is actually named like that. It gets automatically created when you install luckperms and the rank cant be changed. It will always be called that.


Making your first group

So lets make a group called “owner”. To do this, we are going to execute the command

 /lp creategroup owner the response of luckperms is going to be the following: 



So this means we successfully created our first group! Of course at this moment in time. The group is not going to do anything. We want  to assign it a prefix!

Adding a prefix and a suffix to a group

We are going to continue with the example group of “owner”. To add a prefix or a suffix we have a very simple command.


  • /lp group <group> meta setprefix <priority> <prefix> [<context>]

  • /lp group <group> meta setsuffix <priority> <suffix> [<context>]


The command may seem complicated at first but I hope it will be a little more clear after this explanation. 


So this is how luckperms structures their commands:


/lp ← the prefix of luckperms

/lp group ← We are saying that we are going to want to edit a group

/lp group <group> ← Now we specify which group we are going to edit

/lp group <group> meta ← Meta (or metadata)  means that we are going to be changing how the rank looks

/lp group <group> meta setprefix ← Now we are specifying what we are going to change.


So we are going to for example add the prefix “&4&lOwner&f “ to the owner group. The reason we are adding “&f” at the back of the prefix is so the name of the owner is going to be white. If we want the name to be gold for example, we would change the “&f” with “&6” etc. After the &f we have a space, this is so there is a space between the owner prefix and the name. So in the first example, it would look like “&4&lOwner&f Supercrafter100” while in the second one without the space it would look like “&4&lOwner&fSupercrafter100” No space between the name and the prefix which most of the time you do not want since it just does not look good.


So let’s break down the setprefix command even more to see what the arguments for it are.


  • /lp group <group> meta setprefix <priority> ← This is going to be how important the prefix is going to be. To understand this would have to explain how parents work (no not ur parents at home) but let me just explain in short. A user can have multiple ranks on his name. And a rank has its own prefix most of the time. So what the priority does is check which prefix should show. Say we have the owner rank and admin rank. If the user has both owner and admin rank, we want the owner tag to display of course. So we set the priority of the owner prefix to 1000 and the admin 950. This means that the owner prefix is going to display.

  • /lp group <group> meta setprefix <priority> <prefix> ← So now we set the prefix. We always put the prefix between brackets so we can add that space. In this case we are going to put “&4&lOwner&f “ in the prefix section

  • /lp group <group> meta setprefix <priority> <prefix> [<context>] ← While not needed. We can define in what world we are going to let the prefix display. Let's say we only want the tag to display in the world “world” that's when we are going to fill in that argument with world (no brackets needed)


So after all this explanation about the rank we can finally add the prefix. The reason why i'm explaining everything is so you know what you are doing. And you are not just copying commands over. 


So now we are going to add the prefix to the owner rank


/lp group owner meta setprefix 1000 “&4&lOwner&f “


(The same applies to the suffix only you change setprefix with setsuffix)


If you want to remove the prefix, do /lp group owner meta removeprefix 1000 “&4&lOwner&f” This will remove the prefix


Adding permissions to a group

So now we have a rank and the rank has a prefix. We are going to make the rank have some permissions. Again im going to explain the structure of the commands and how to use them


We have a command to add and to remove a permission. You can also add temporary permissions but i'm not going to cover that. You are better off checking out the documentation for that.


  • /lp group <group> permission set <permission> <true / false> [<context>]

  • /lp group <group> permission unset <permission>

  • /lp group <group> permission info


So let me explain what goes on in this command. It is not as much setup as the prefix / suffix


  • /lp ← Luckperms start command

  • /lp group ← We are going to be modifying a group

  • /lp group <group> ← Now we are going to say which group we modify

  • /lp group <group> permission ← Now we say that we are going to modify something with permissions in that group

  • /lp group <group> permission set ← We are going to be defining a new permission

  • /lp group <group> permission set <permission> ← So now we fill in the permission we want to give or remove. For example:

  • /lp group <group> permission set <permission> <true / false> ← So we are saying if we want to give or remove that permission from the user. True means we give the permission, false means we remove it.

  • /lp group <group> permission set <permission> <true / false> [<context>] → So the context defaults to the world, so if you input “world” into that argument the permission will only be given or removed if you are in that specific world. This argument is not required.


So this is how the command is made up. I hope it's a bit more clear now. You can give temporary permissions to the user but i'm not going to explain that in this tutorial you can check it out here


So let's continue with the owner group. We want the owner to have every permission in the game, even if he is not opped. The symbol for “all” in minecraft is “*”. So if you give the permission “luckperms.*” it will give every permission luckperms has. If we only put “*” as the permission we give them every permission of every plugin in the game.

So let's give owner the permission “*”


/lp group owner permission set * true




And if we add “world” at the end like this:

/lp group owner permission set * true world



We can check all the permissions a user has by typing /lp group <group> permission info so if we check that for the owner group:


Giving people permissions from previous ranks

So if you wanted to give owner the permissions from the admin group, it is pretty easy. You can give the owner group the permission “group.admin” which will give every permission the admin group has. This makes life a lot easier.


So now we know how to give or remove permissions from a group, we are going to be looking at how to give ranks to users.

Rank management

So we have a full rank set up. It has a prefix, maybe a suffix and permissions. But it wont do anything if we can’t give people the rank. Luckperms has a lot of possibilities if it comes to giving ranks.


We are only going to be looking at the “set”, “add” and “remove”.


So here are the 3 full commands you must know to give a rank:


  • /lp user <user> parent set <group> [<context>]

  • /lp user <user> parent add <group> [<context>]

  • /lp user <user> parent remove <group> [<context>]


First of all. You see that the 1st argument is user. Which means we are going to be modifying a user. But let me break down the command again. 


  • /lp ← The luckperms start argument

  • /lp user ← We are going to modify a user this time

  • /lp user <user> ← Now we define which user we are going to change (minecraft name)

  • /lp user <user> parent ← We are going to be changing something with their parent. Or the thing associated to them. Which is a group. 

  • /lp user <user> parent set ← This is an argument which I will explain further down

  • /lp user <user> parent set <group> ← So now we define which group we want to set

  • /lp user <user> parent set <group> [<context>] ← Like previous commands. We can choose where we want the parent to be active. So you can fill in a world again. So the rank will only be active in a world you specify. This argument is not required.

So let me explain when and why you would use “set” or “add”.


When to use “set” or “add”

So let me first talk about the “set” argument.


What the set argument does is it completely removes all parents from the user and gives them the one you assign them. This can be useful if you don't want them to have permissions from other groups or prefixes / suffixes. 


I mainly use set since I don’t really need other groups to have the same ranks or suffixes as the other rank so I will be using it as an example in the tutorial.


Now the “add” argument.


The add argument means that you do not overwrite the previous parents. You rather add it to a list. So a user can have both the admin rank and the owner rank. Do you remember when I said prefixes and suffixes had a priority? Well here it comes in good use. If the owner prefix its priority is higher than the admin prefix, it will shop up the owner prefix even though he also has the admin one assigned to him. 


Adding parents to a user

So lets give ourselves the owner rank since I guess most people who read this are the owner of their server. 


We are going to be executing /lp user <user> parent set owner

In my case its going to be /lp user supercrafter100 parent set owner

It should look something like this:



And if we talk in chat now:


You can create other ranks by just making a new group, assigning a prefix, permissions etc. 

The web editor


So luckperms has a well developed web editor. You can open it by doing /lp editor, it will send a link in chat which you can click and it will redirect you to the editor page.




Once opening, it will look something like this:KChwaHmAr2uqPhHeqdyGWv9NdzPx7cyWEB9FOQDW


So what we want to do, is open the groups. As you an see we have 2 of them. 


Click the groups name and it will list them. (see image below)


So we have finished the owner rank. But we want to change the default rank. Since at the moment default has nothing. Not even a prefix!


So lets click on default and let’s give it a prefix. The permission for it is: “prefix.0.&7&lDefault&f “. So we start with prefix, saying we are going to add a prefix. Then add a “.” 0 the 0 is the priority. It can also be negative. After that another “.” and add the prefix. After that. Make sure you add the space at the end of the permission! It will look something like this after you typed it in



So next to it you see a value, the value means if we are going to give or remove the permission. Underneath you see Expiry. It will say for how long the group has the permission. When you click on it you can choose a date with the calendar that shows up. 


After that comes the contexts. When you click on add Contexts you can input World in the left and the value on the right to choose the world. 


When you choose that click the + button at the far right.


It will shop up as this now. You can add permissions how you want. The user management works almost exactly the same. For more info you can click here.


Transferring data from old permission plugins

The process:


  1. Make sure you installed luckperms on your playerserver DO NOT REMOVE THE OTHER PERMISSION PLUGIN YET


  1. Restart your server so luckperms installs. 


  1. Go to your server console, and type /lp migrate <old plugin>. For example, if you want to change from groupmanager to luckperms, you can do /lp migrate groupmanager. Etc. You will have to do some extra steps depending on what permission plugin you had. But it will be stated in your console what you have to do.


  1. When finished. You will get notified. After this you can check if everything is there on the online editor and uninstall your old permission manager

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