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How to use GroupManager

How can I install the plugin?

Installing it on your server is really simple and I will explain it using clear images and helpful instructions.

Go to and log into the dashboard with your minecraft account. If you do not have an account on there, go to for more info on how to register. 

Once you are logged into the website, go to This is the main control panel for your playerserver.

It will look something like this (see image below)



You may notice that im using 1.12 as my server version but yours can be totally different. GroupManager is compatible with lots of versions (nearly all).


Once you are on your dashboard, go to the plugins category. In there you will find a search bar where you can input GroupManager as the search argument. It will show up like this (see image below)



Click the blue button that says install next to the plugin to install it. It will turn red saying “remove” which indicates it’s added. After this, restart your server. 


GroupManager should now be installed on your server.


Creating groups with GroupManager

So you have the plugin installed which is amazing! Let’s start with creating some ranks. But first I want to explain some stuff.


You can create and delete groups with pretty easy to remember commands


  • /mangadd

  • /mangdel


By default new players get assigned the default group. It is actually named “groupmanager_default”. It gets automatically created when you install the and the rank cant be changed. It will always be called that.


Making your first group

So lets make a group called “manager”. To do this, we are going to execute the command

 /mangadd manager



So this means we successfully created our first group! Of course at this moment in time. The group is not going to do anything. We want  to assign it a prefix!

Adding / Removing a prefix and a suffix to a group

We are going to continue with the example group of “manager”. To add a prefix or a suffix we have a very simple command.


  • /mangaddv manager prefix &c&lManager &f

  • /mangaddv manager prefix &c&lManager &f

  • /mangdelv manager prefix ← THIS DELETES!


The command may seem complicated at first but I hope it will become a little more clear once you get the hang. 

Adding permissions to a group

So now we have a rank and the rank has a prefix. We are going to make the rank have some permissions now!


  • /mangaddp <group> <permission1> [permission2] [permission3]

  • /mangdelp <group> <permission1> [permission2] [permission3]


So let's continue with the manager group. We want the manager to have every permission in the game, even if they’re not opped. The symbol for “all” in minecraft is “*”. So if you give the permission “groupmanager.*” it will give every permission GroupManager has. If we only put “*” as the permission we give them every permission of every plugin in the game.

So let's give owner the permission “*”


/mangaddp manager *



Rank management

So we have a full rank set up. It has a prefix, maybe a suffix and permissions. But it wont do anything if we can’t give people the rank.

Adding parents to a user

So lets give ourselves the manager rank. 


We are going to be executing /manuadd <your ign> manager

In my case its going to be /manuadd WhenUHackUNoob manager


It should look something like this:



And if we talk in chat now:


You can create other ranks by just making a new group, assigning a prefix, permissions etc. 



Thank you for reading this! (Please note this is based on Supercrafter100’s LuckPerms help guide but I remade it into GroupManager.)

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