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How to create a void world


Welcome to “How to make a Void World” tutorial by WhenUHackUNoob. This tutorial will show you how to create a full empty world for your PlayerServer. If you need any further help, make sure to contact the @Moderators on the CubedCraft discord, or DM me using WhenUHackUNoob#0001.


Installing Plugins

To start off with the tutorial, you must install VoidWorld (1.8 - 1.12) / VoidGenerator (1.16) and Multiverse-Core. You can use the following steps to install the plugin.


  1. Access the PlayerServers panel from If you need help signing up, use this link:

  2. Find your server, and select “View »”. Like the image below:




  1. I will be using my server “FAQWriting”. Once you click the View button, hit the “Plugins” button on the sidebar.




  1. Use the search bar, and search for the plugin “Multiverse-Core”. Click on the plugin and then click the “Install” button.




  1. Now, search for one of the following:

  1. VoidWorld (For versions 1.8 - 1.12)

  2. VoidGenerator (For versions 1.16)

     6. Once you have done that, follow the same exact installation process as Multiverse-Core.


Restarting Server

  1. Now that both plugins are installed, you must restart your server. You can type “/restart” ingame to restart your server. (Type “/join own” in the hub to start your server again.)

  2. Now, join your server. Check if the plugins are installed by using /pl. If you have installed them correctly, they should appear!


Creating World


  1. To create a world, follow one of the following steps:

For VoidWorld, use “/mv create NORMAL -g VoidWorld”.

For VoidGenerator, use “/mv create NORMAL -g VoidGenerator -t flat”

     2. Use /mvtp , and if you get teleported to an empty world, you are done!




Well done! You have just created your first VoidWorld! Make sure to help your friends when they need it too!


Still need help? Contact us at discord