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How do I use FTP?

This tutorial is here to help FTP and full access server owners on how to access their server through FTP!


What program to use?!

My favorite program to use is WinSCP (click to view) since it has many protocols, including FTP and SFTP. Another program which is very popular is FileZilla which also gives you the ability to connect to your server via FTP. I will be using FileZilla in this article, since it is the most popular FTP client.


How to get FTP details?

To get your FTP details, it is very simple. First you must ensure that you have at least 4 boosts on the server you wish to use FTP on, or that the server is a full access server. If this is the case for you, read on!



As you can see, this server has over 4 boosters which means FTP is available.



Click “More” and then “Limited FTP” in the sidebar, which will redirect you to another page.



As you can see, there is no account generated for this server. Simply click “Generate Account”, which will then show details in the boxes.



As you can see, the credentials have now been generated. Make sure not to share FTP file access credentials with anyone other than server developers, as this gives access to all server files!


Connecting to your server via FTP



FileZilla will look a little like this when you open it up. WinSCP will also open up a window, which asks you to enter the login credentials. If you are using WinSCP, make sure to change the protocol from “SFTP” to “FTP”, otherwise you will not connect!


Enter the credentials you generated on the dashboard, then click “Quickconnect” or “Login”. You may be informed about saving passwords, or an insecure host. You can ignore the insecure host and read the saving passwords and modify it to your liking.



You are now in FTP! You can find the files on your computer on the left, and the server files on the right. If I wanted to upload a world, I could do so by clicking on “Example” and dragging it to the right side. Then after about a minute, it’s done!


That’s the basics of FTP. Have any more questions? Feel free to contact me or any other staff member on our discord :)

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