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How can I register on this website?

How to sign up to PlayerServers

PlayerServers Knowledgebase Tutorial by WhenUHackUNoob.



Welcome to “How to sign up to PlayerServers” tutorial by WhenUHackUNoob. This tutorial will show you how to create a full empty world for your PlayerServer. If you need any further help, make sure to contact the @Moderators on the CubedCraft discord, or DM me using WhenUHackUNoob#0001.


Creating Account

First, you will need to login to You have to use the command “/register <@email>” which will begin the setup process. Like the few images below:






Setting password

  1. Check your email- there should be a new message from the CubedCraft website to setup your account.

  2. If you see this email, open it. Click on the button/link that appears within the email and that will redirect you to a webpage to setup your account. If this email does not come through, make sure to check your spam folder. If it is still not there, contact CubedCraft staff members which will be there to assist you ASAP.

  3. In this webpage, you will have to type a password. Make sure it is a strong password, to prevent people getting in your account. You can always change this password later.

  4. Click the blue button to confirm your password selection, and your account should be created! If not, once again contact the CubedCraft staff team to help you.


Logging in

If your account creation was a success, you should be able to login. To test this, use If it works, your account has been successfully created. If not, contact one of the CubedCraft administrators with the error you get, and they will be there to assist you.




Woohoo! You have just created your PlayerServers account for the CubedCraft network. With this account, you are now able to access the PlayerServers dashboard to fully manage your server.


Still need help? Contact us at discord