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Winner prize:
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#2. 2 PS Boosters
#3. 1 PS Boosters

Status: Online

Players: 2 / 15

Votes: 62

Boosters: 0

Plan: Free Plan

Owner: Qwyruzk

Created: 29th Sep 2019

Last Online: 15th Dec 2019

MOTD: §bCustom Magic §r(1.12.2)

Become a human or a demon and gain a custom magic type of your choice! You get to request what your spells do, are called and look like.
No two players will possess the same magic type and every spell is unique in one way or another. Win staff-held exams to level up and gain more spells and more health.
Voting will grant you a crate key which can get you vouchers for the online store.
Donate to level up quickly and gain spells quicker to get an edge on others, or to change your magic type completely.

Open Beta will most likely occur around July 5th, 2020 when quests are made.
(You can join the server during Closed Beta on Saturdays from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM EST or any day of the week by purchasing a beta pass at http://msreborn.buycraft.net/ for $1 USD)