Welcome to Mojang

Status: Offline

Players: 0 / 0

Votes: 3

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Owner: Noodlesticks

Created: 25th Sep 2019

Last Online: 19th Sep 2021

MOTD: §3§oAbsolute randomness!

You tried to read the server description, but an annoying goose stole it...oh well.

All jokes aside, the Mojang server is more of a PvP server (mainly with kits), but also has survival aspects and utilizes "item generators" (nothing too fancy, just command blocks spitting items out) as a way of collecting resources both as currency / value but also to spend them on valuable items. However, it's mostly just a server I use for testing, so don't expect anything too overly exciting, high-quality, or custom coded. I might open up the server later on if I decide to, but for now, it'll be whitelisted.

The Mojang server will stay a cloudy mystery (for now)!