Welcome to Mud

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Plan: Free Plan

Owner: potatoAlt

Created: 26th Aug 2019

Last Online: 1st Jun 2020

MOTD: §c§o§l§nClosed

Having a bad day?

Play Mud!

70% of Mud is custom skripted. We have amazing staff that will help you whenever you need!
We have a nice spawn and islands to play on built by our amazing builders.

We have events!
Events happens up to 2 times a day. Events can happen at any time, so stay active!
We also have a discord group, where you can see the update changes or you can get notified if we host events, or giveaways.

What is unique with mud?

We have a radio where you can play over 10 songs! We have a custom gui shop, instead of shopkeepers! 
We have plots where you can compete and maybe win a rank?
Join mud for more to experience!