Welcome to Mythical

Status: Offline

Players: 0 / 0

Votes: 4

Boosters: 0

Plan: Noble Plan

Owner: AtlasSilverSoul

Created: 17th Jan 2020

Last Online: 4th Jun 2020

MOTD: Work In Progress

Select one of many magic types upon joining which will branch out into several individual spells.

Win combat exams to rank up and gain more spells and more health.

Do quests by yourself or with a group to gain in-game currency.

Win events for rank ups, money or even special items and ranks.

Make sure to vote and boost when you can for in-game money and other rewards.

Join guilds or create your own for special guild events which grant unique rewards.

Make sure to join the Discord at 

Join today at Mythical.playerservers.com in version 1.12.2 (/join Mythical)