Welcome to RuneMine


Welcome to RuneMine vote for us to earn a Vote Key!
boost the server for 35 Shards ingame!

In RuneMine you kill mobs in their caves to earn emeralds and RunePoints!
With runepoints you can buy access to better caves with /runeshop.
With emeralds you can upgrade your stuff to get better equipment to fight
mobs and bosses!

We also have:

- Survival: Where you can play vanilla minecraft. No rules expect hacking
Also you can buy spawners and sell the grinder loot for money!
With money you can buy ranks. VIP, MVP, Supporter and Supporter+

- Creative: In creative you can have fun and do whatever you want. Theres no rules
in creative expect of lagging the server!

- Prisons: In prisons you can mine ores in mines you start with rank A and you can rankup to rank G with /rankup mining blocks in mines have a change to give you Prison Tokens. Higher mines have a batter chance to get a Token! With tokens you can rankup to better mines or rank up your pickaxe!

- KitPvP: Custom KitPvP Where you get 5 KitPvP Points every kill and with them you can
unlock better kits!

- The Place Like the reddit place where you can place wool every 6 seconds to the canvas!

Also join our Discord server for Announcments and new events!
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Boost RuneMine

Price: 3 USD OR 3000 Ingame Points


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Owner: bebeli555

Created: 11th Jan 2020

Last Online: 2nd Apr 2023

MOTD: §dPrisons §bUpdated!!!

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