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Owner: MrSavageKitty

Created: 28th Jul 2020

Last Online: 12th Oct 2020

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Welcome to SavagePvP!

Discord: https://discord.gg/RMJkAXh
If you ever want to see what it's like before release, just ask! Everyone gets to see it one time whenever they choose for a maximum five minutes.

Game Modes:

Being the first and main game on SavagePvP, KitPvP is similar to what you think it is but has some customized features to it. It has a level system going from level 1-21, as well as a prestige system. The starting kit for Member has protection 1 iron gear with a sharpness 1 diamond sword, a regular bow, and 16 golden apples. When you get a kill, you receive a Kill Key which can be used in the crates menu (/cc). You won't be able to see the key because it is virtual. This is so you don't lose your key on death. The Kill Crate contains diamond gear protection 1, a sharpness 2 diamond sword, a power 1 bow, 16 golden apples, and 1 god apple. There is also a 2% chance of getting the entire kit. Every item in the crate is separate, so unless you get extremely lucky, you'll only win a piece of the entire kit. A slight upgrade. However, your items are cleared (not dropped, so the items wont stay in the economy) on death, so if you die with a piece of the kill set, you start over. This is so you never actually "beat" KitPvP or are forever unstoppable.  The level system goes from 1-21. To reach level two, you must get five kills. Simple enough. Level 21 is 200 kills. If you are savage enough to get that far, you will be able to do /prestige once you do. The rewards are 1 savage key, 3 rare keys, and 5 kill keys. The Rare Crate contains VIP and MVP kits as well as a slight 2% chance of VIP Rank and a 1% chance of MVP Rank. Savage Crate contains loot with power far beyond that. The prestige rewards increase the higher you go. Reaching prestige 5 will get you VIP Rank automatically, 10 will give MVP, and 15 will give you the highest rank on the server, Savage. If anyone gets prestige 100 I will literally do whatever you tell me to for 24 hours. (Farming a person even with their permission is bannable so please don't do that.)

This game took a ton of effort to make. Way more skripting than expected. MrSavageKitty will be sad if you don't try this out. PrisonPvP is a mixture of MinePvP (a lot of people like MinePvP) and Prison (a lot of people like Prison). Its genius! It's MinePvP because there's mines and you pvp in the skies. It's Prison because it has a ranks system, but with blocks and substances from weakest to strongest! With custom ores (not legit actual mods, but blocks to represent it) , tools, gear, enchantments, and more, the map is made of floating islands with mines. You start off with the weakest "block" in Minecraft to work with, crops! Crops have 0 strength, and they're represented with blocks (carrot = orange wool, potato = yellow wool, beetroot = red wool, wheat = lime wool). You don't even start with a pickaxe. Just your fist. You mine a block with your fist and it gives you a crop of what you broke. Sell that at the Crops shop for moneyz. Once you earn enough money to rankup, you move on to slime blocks, which is the weakest actual block. Then you move on to snow blocks and mushroom blocks (placed together due to same strength level). Then all glass- and light-related blocks (glowstone, glass, redstone lamp, sea lantern). And it keeps moving up all the way to dark void (many, MANY levels past bedrock). Your tools upgrade as you go. Unlike regular Prison, you can prestige at ANY time, and the milestones are what mine you reach. The further you go, the better you get out of prestiging. You will have no choice but to the first time because it will take so long to rankup once. The rewards are bonuses that will boost your money rate, lower rankup cost, add auto-miners, and more. The boosts will be better the further you go before prestiging. Prestiging at the very beginning won't do crap for you. This game will test your patience. You won't make it very far if you're too impatient. Anyone who gets to the final mine automatically gets Savage rank (VIP and MVP milestones TBD).

Events come in two modes: Arcade and Official. Arcade is simply an automatic cycle of event modes you can compete against others in, from Last to Stop Running to WaterDrop to Kitty says and more. Rewards for winning have yet to be determined. Official is a series of scheduled events that players queue for and join at the start time, hosted by MrSavageKitty. These events are for major prizes, like VIP, MVP, or Savage ranks. This is MrSavageKitty's favorite game mode. Challenge him to a WaterDrop 1v1. You WONT win.

Out of all the modes on the server, Survival is the least customized and developed. It's mainly there if anyone likes it but wants to chill on SavagePvP. Nothing special, just a spawn area and the wild. Don't worry, you have /sethome and /home permissions in Survival.

And finally, inspired by a CubedCraft game, which is based off a game on Minehut, which is based off of whatever, idk, nobody cares, Warzone on SavagePvP has the same kits and system as CubedCraft's, except there are four teams instead of two, having Yellow and Green added to the game. This provides players with a new Warzone experience and makes it more challenging to defend their wool. Just like on Cubed, MVP and Savage Rank players can choose what team to join. (Intentionally imbalancing the teams is bannable!)

There are a total of five game modes, but that's not all! Voting for the server gets you custom rewards! The current rewards are:

35% Chance: x1 Vote Key (Use in Lobby)
15% Chance: x3 Vote Key (Use in Lobby)
10% Chance: x1 Rare Key (KitPvP)
10% Chance: x1 Kill Kit (KitPvP)
5% Chance: [Lucky Voter] Tag (Global)
5% Chance: [P1ngSp00fer] Tag (Global)
5% Chance: [Savage] Tag (Global)
5% Chance: [Event Addict] Tag (Global)
4% Chance: [Quack] Tag (Global)
4% Chance: VIP RANK (Global)
1% Chance: MVP RANK (Global)
0.1% Chance: SAVAGE RANK (Global)

These were decided back when KitPvP was the only game mode made, to be modified.