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Status: Offline

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Votes: 5

Plan: Free Plan

Owner: novayoan

Created: 28th Apr 2019

Last Online: 14th Sep 2019

MOTD: §e§lNEW! §7MinePvP

Nothin' much to say, except; It's better than WeakPvP, GunPvP and SkyMines ;)
Basically, this server is meant to be tons of fun, a long-term game with loads to do like:
 - Exploring
 - Fighting (not just players :D)
 - Get Tiers of items
 - Leveling up
 - Get rich
 - Auction Bid Wars
 - Fight bosses
 - Discover secrets!
 - and MORE! SoonTM.

TL;DR > The server is somewhat of an RPG.